Italo Ferretti

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Craftsmanship, respect for tradition, modern technology and refined style are keywords for Ferretti. Italo Ferretti ties are the result of different workmanship phases that are all equally important. The entire production cycle, including the packaging, takes place in the firm (situated) in Silvi Marina.

Ferretti is the only company to cut every single tie and each element that makes the tie, using 40% extra fabric for the lining and label.
Moreover, the loop fixed to a shirt button which keeps the tie in the correct position, the ballast support and its double lining, and the special stitching in the neck area are all distinguishing marks patented by Italo Ferretti himself.

Every tie receives a progressive number, testifying its exclusivity, and is labeled Silvi Marina, to indicate its place of origin. Italo Ferretti trademark is the “pois” (polka dot), now featuring on each one of his ties.The only ones to wave and print an extra 40% of each fabric for lining, labels and tie holder.

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