Mon Art Firenze

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Design, quality and taste are well-known features of Florentine craftsmanship, boosting 'Made in Italy' to a leadership role  worldwide.

MON ART INTERNAZIONALE was founded by Mr. Roberto Montauti in 1972, upon the tenets of this cultural heritage and has pursued them faithfully in all of its forty years of business activity. The traditions of our company go back to the eighteenth century and the art of striking metals was our core-business. Medals and memorials were our masterpieces. We had manufactured many important awards for greatest men of the past. Now as then, we conserve this heritage inside MON ART INTERNAZIONALE.

Today We design and manufacture fashion accessories, and spurred on by the quest for that fresh touch of elegance, we take great pride in being able to constantly propose novel shapes and innovative materials.

Our accessories are normally made in brass with many different surface finishings, but most of our designs can be produced as well in sterling silver or 18 kt gold.

By pursuing quality, creativity and versatility, we have become suppliers to many world-famous fashion houses, and MON ART brand accessories are marketed in more than forty countries.


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